Senior Front-End WEB3 Developer

Looking for a new challenge? Join our team at as a Senior Front-End WEB3 Developer and help revolutionize the way people learn online! We’re a fast-growing edtech company that’s changing the game in the C-learning space. Our website offer cutting-edge technology and innovative teaching methods to give students the best possible learning experience. If you’re passionate about education, technology, and making a real impact, we want to hear from you!

We are looking for passionate and experienced Front-End Web3 developers to work with us to build our projects.

Our ideal candidate is someone with experience developing blockchain-based applications, especially those for Web3 (dApps). They should be aware of and use the latest technologies in crypto, blockchain and Web3 development.

With collaborative energy and willingness to learn, the right candidate will readily communicate with and assist other team members on the project.

Necessary Technical Qualifications

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, frameworks and dependent libraries
  • ReactJS, ReactNative, Next
  • Developing web and mobile applications
  • Experience HTTP, RESTful and communication with internal and external API’s
  • Using UI libraries Tailwind, Material UI etc.
  • Knowledge about Cryptography, EVM compatible Blockchains, Smart-Contract, NFTs, dApps, DAOs, DeFi, Custodial and non-Custodial wallets
  • Experience in connecting and integrating with ethers.js/web3.js, thirdweb etc. libraries
  • Knowledge to using Moralis, Infura, Alchemy, IPFS etc. external API’s for on-chain data connection and integrations
  • Using and testing serverless applications on AWS Cloud Services (Lambda etc.)
  • High knowledge of test-driven development
  • Good knowledge of security
  • Writing clean and scalable code to develop highly functional web3 applications
  • Helping document the development process of the project
  • Experience with Git, GitHub, Jira, Agile methodologies
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